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Monday, July 20, 2009

Three Stitches on the outside two on the inside. Five stitches in all
Just a little blood on his shirt, He really did a great job , all bandaged up

Its been to say the least a crazy month. My brother Jerry has been in the hospital for 3 weeks now, He finally turned the corner last Wednesday and it out of ICU He just need to regain his strength. After 2 weeks on a ventilator and not knowing from day to day if he was going to make it, It all started from a gall bladder infection that went into his blood stream. The second week that Jerry was in the hospital Aarons mom came down with a bladder infection that went into her blood stream She is still very critical and on a ventilator its day by day. So please keep praying. I've been watching the kids while they are in Dayton, Ohio. They called yesterday and needed to get back to the hospital. So we rushed down to pick up the kids., Caleb is going to camp this week along with Malachi and Halee. We were supposed to have Sunday evening service at our house, But due to circumstances it was cancelled. So since I had all the food prepared We called Shawn and Megan and Genesa and Mark and asked them over to help eat the food and keep the kids occupied. Well every thing was going OK until Caleb swung some plastic toy around and it came apart and hit Josiah above the eye, and split it open. So off to the emergency room we went and had 5 stitches put in his eyebrow, He was a real trooper never even cried when the numbed or stitched the Dr. and nurses were all really impressed with him, Here are a few pictures Hope Shannon and Aaron check out the blog, We only pray that we can simmer down and not have quite so much excitement around here, Nanny and Paw are really getting tired and its not much fun seeing a grandchild go through all of that. Let alone seeing your kids going through everything with Lenore. We know everything is in Gods hands and He will take care of everything We can trust and re lie on Him, Have a great day and keep Praying,

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