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I am grandma to 13 grandchildren ages 10 and under. I have been married to my husband for 36 years. We have crazy times at our house with all the grand kids,but I wouldn't change a thing.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

First sewing lesson with Halee

Today Halee and I went shopping at Walmart and purchased material to make a sun dress. We chose fabric with an elastic top so Halee only had to sew one major seam. She choose a white fabric with black ,and with watermelon's on it she said that with her dark skin white would look good I agreed with her. She also choose black ribbon with white polka dots for the straps. While we were looking we found a pink denim that I liked and Halee thought would make great look alike dresses for mothers day for her and her cousins Gabriela, Rachel, and Jada. For baby Sarah we purchased a little white dress with pink flowers on it. Then she also found a chocolate brown with pink polka dots and purple in it that we made into a top to wear with shorts this summer.
We went home and got out the sewing machine and started sewing Halee did a great job for her first time. She is ready to move on to something even harder. She helped make dresses for her cousins which she will give to them on Saturday when we have Ezekiel and Titus Jack's Birthday Parties. I hope Halee had as much fun as I did spending the day with her. God has certainly blessed us with a precious little girl, who has a goal of growing up and opening up her own designing boutique the Halee Bop. She may well be on her way.


  1. Good job!! The dresses are cute.

  2. I really like the watermelon one! It makes me hungry!