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Friday, May 15, 2009

Busy ;Week

This week has been very busy, I've been going to Genesa's to help her out. On Tuesday we did laundry, her hot water ran in the washer with just a trickle so we carried water from the kitchen sink to the washer to fill it with hot water to wash diapers with both Titus and Reuben in diapers the washer was full. Mom came up and helped me this is the first time she has been up since she broke her shoulder. She said it was a long drive. Then we carried them outside and hung them on the line. We did several other loads and hung them on the line, It was a beautiful wash day on Tuesday, we got all the laundry caught up. Although the diaper pail was filling up again. Mark was home on Wednesday so I went back on Thursday. I told Jack to come and take the hoses off and help us clean out the screens so the water would run into the washer, Because I didn't think Genesa needed to be carrying water to the washer in the next few weeks. So bless his heart he came and fixed the hot water situation. We went to the Dr. and Reuben weighed 8 pounds and 1oz not quite back to birth weight, but everything looks good, Then we washed and hung out more laundry after Jack fixed the water. Went back this morning and did up all the laundry it was raining so we got to use the dryer. yea!!! I well remember the days when I hung out all my clothes. It was like a step back in time,. Mom and I had many laughs under the clothes line, at how these girls think its cool to hang up clothes and how we think its cool to use the dryer. We also said they aren't using the wringer washers like I remember using when I was a Girl, I remember running my arm through and it just keeps pulling you in and yelling for mom to come help me out of the contraption. All in all its been a good week Genesa is feeling better every day and the kids have been pretty good I gave Gabriela my phone number which she wrote down and told her to call me when I went home each evening about an hour before Mark got home,, She thought that was cool Genesa said she carried it around all evening even when Mark came home, I told her and Zeke that they just needed to call me if Genesa did something she wasn't supposed to do. Gen said they kept coming out and checking on her asking if she was just resting, I left two pair of jeans and a sweatshirt on the clothes line when Mark was home Gen said she was going to get them down. Mark told her no,but Zeke and Gabriela both told her to go ahead because they could call me and get her in trouble. It worked quite well because they kept a good eye on Mom and Mom didn't do anything she wasn't supposed to do. Well the kids are coming for supper so I'd better get busy. more later!

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